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The International Society of Deliverance Ministers (ISDM) was established in 2003 as an outgrowth of the Apostolic Roundtable of Deliverance Ministers (ARDM), founded in 2000.

ARDM was originally convened, under the leadership of C. Peter Wagner, with the view of helping recognized deliverance ministers connect with each other, build personal relationships, learn from and encourage one another.

Presently, ISDM is under the leadership and direction of Bill Sudduth founder of Righteous Acts Ministries, Inc. (RAM) in Colorado Springs, CO.

Bill’s vision for ISDM is to recognize and network deliverance ministers nationally and internationally. He also wants to restore a level of credibility to the ministry of deliverance by providing continuing education and peer level accountability for deliverance ministers. His goal is to see the ministry of deliverance and inner healing back in mainstream Christianity where it belongs.

Bill ministers deliverance and inner healing on a daily basis and has ministered to thousands of people in both individual and group settings.

We invite you to learn more about becoming connected with like minded deliverance and inner healing ministers by contacting us at:

International Society of Deliverance Ministers (ISDM)
P.O. Box 64062 Colorado Springs, CO 80962
Tel: 866-794-1948
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